Viton® for Industrial & Aerospace Seals

Viton gasket sample 1

Viton Fluoroelastomer Gasket

Viton gasket sample 2

Gasket made from Viton Sponge Material

American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. can provide high performance custom Viton® gaskets that can accommodate the performance expectations of just about any industry. From aerospace seals to automotive fuel gaskets, we have manufactured custom Viton® gaskets that are trusted by high tech companies in a number of markets. The material can be fabricated to the exact specifications that our customers identify.

What is Viton®

Viton® is a technologically advanced fluoroelastomer that can provide resistance to most chemicals, oils, and extreme temperatures. Viton® is available in four families of polymers that have been defined by their chemical makeup and their performance in their intended industrial applications. These families are identified in the following table:

  Type A
(Commercial Grade)
Type B Type F Specialty: GLT, GBLT, & Viton Extreme
Material Composition Dipolymers of VF2 / HFP Terpolymers of VF2 / HFP / TFE Terpolymers of VF2 / HFP / TFE Copolymers of TFE / Propylene and Ethylene / TFE/PMVE
Flourine Content 66% 68% 70% NA
Uses & Industries General Purpose, Automotive, Aerospace Chemical Processing, Power Utility Automotive Fuels, Aqueous Inorganic Acids, Water, Steam Automotive, Oil Exploration, Sealing, Harsh Environments

Viton® provides excellent resistance to heat, oils, gases, and chemicals. Viton® gaskets are available in different grades, thicknesses, and levels of hardness (measured in durometers). American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. will work with you to develop the Viton® gasket that will perform optimally in your specific application. Contact Us to request a quote or discuss production capabilities.