Custom Gaskets for the Telecommunications Industry

Taffeta gasket for telecommunication industry

Nickel Copper Polyester Taffeta on Poron Flanged Panel Gasket

EMI gasket used in telecommunication application

EMI RFI: Aluminum Wire Mesh bonded to Silicone Sponge Flange Gasket

American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. has the experience and technological capabilities to meet the unique challenges for gaskets in the telecommunications industry. Equipment components for telecommunications include EMI/RFI shielding gaskets, and nickel copper polyester taffeta gaskets for shielding vents and windows. Gaskets used in telecommunications are exposed to a number of environmental hazards such as wind, precipitation, temperature extremes, and even flame. In order to assure the success of each component we produce, we work closely with our clients to understand the application requirements for their specific system. American Gasket & Die is ITAR Registered and RoHS Compliant.

Telecommunication Industry Applications

American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. works with a number of telecommunication companies to develop customized gaskets to fit their needs. Whether a client needs a basic shielding gasket or custom EMI gaskets or RFI products, we can present a number of design and material options that will perform successfully in the intended application.

Gaskets, pads, and seals are frequently used in the telecommunications industry for protecting and supporting cellular networking systems and base stations. Gaskets can also be used for sealing doors, access panels, air intake, and NEMA enclosures. There are a number of telecom applications that require a shielding gasket with specialized capabilities. EMI shielding gaskets are a commonly used option for seals that are electrically conductive and can limit electromagnetic interference.

Materials for Telecommunications Industry Applications

American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. specializes in custom designed taffeta gaskets for use in the telecommunications industry. Taffeta is a metal/textile mix that makes an effective shielding fabric. The combination of polyester material and nickel/copper plating provides excellent levels of conductivity yet is abrasion resistant with high shielding effectiveness.

Telecommunications equipment is usually subject to a number of performance requirements due to industry regulations or environmental considerations. In producing our gaskets and other insulative or conductive components for use in the telecommunications industry, we can use any number of materials, including, but not limited to:

  • NiCu Polyester Taffeta, Woven Materials, Non-Woven Conductive Materials
  • Plastics Film, Teflon®
  • Bergquist Materials
  • Silicone and Fluorosilicone Sponge and Foams
  • RFI/EMI Materials and Components
  • Chomerics® Materials and Tapes
  • UL-Approved Materials
  • Viton® Rubber and Sponge
  • 3M™ Adhesives and Tapes
  • Mil Spec Elastomers

Most of our materials suppliers are ISO Certified or Compliant, and adhere to ISO quality standards. We can also meet Military Specification requirements for most of our materials. American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. can supply quick turnover for prototyping services. Prototyping provides the opportunity to optimize the materials and design for your gaskets or seals before turning over to full production. Contact us to talk about the opportunities for custom gasket fabrication for your telecommunication needs.