Silicone Gasket Material for Custom Gaskets

Silicone gasket sample

Thin Silicone Sponge Gasket

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Solid Silicone Door Panel Gasket

What is Silicone?

Silicone is a synthetic polymer that is generally comprised of silicon along with oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and possibly other elements.  This inert compound can range in forms and uses depending on the specific combination of substances and elements.  Silicones are generally heat resistant and have the low thermal conductivity and low chemical reactivity that provide desirable insulation qualities.

American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. has been manufacturing reliable gaskets out of Silicone gasket materials for decades. Our custom silicone gaskets are available in a large number of silicone variations, including:

  • Solid Silicone - Solid silicone gaskets are available in varying levels of hardness and can be die cut, waterjet cut, or compression molded. Hardness is calculated in durometers on the Shore A scale, a measurement that identifies the depth of indentation that a standardized presser foot makes in the material at a given force.
  • Silicone Foam – Silicone foam gaskets are available in variations that differ primarily in terms of their cell structures. Cell structure can range from open cell to closed cell, providing different sealing properties and environmental response considerations (temperature, moisture, dust, etc.).
  • Sponge Silicone – Sponge silicone gaskets have a softer feel than solid silicone gaskets. While it is available in a range of grades and levels of firmness, the closed cell structure of silicone sponge provides flexibility and superior performance in many sealing applications.
  • Injection Molded Silicone – Silicone gaskets that are manufactured using the injection molding process often provide superior sealing integrity. By using liquid silicone rubber (LSR) for the gaskets, it is possible to reduce the size of cross sections and improve the gasket’s performance in water submersion applications. Injection molded silicone is available in both solid or sponge.

Silicone rubber or sponge also comes in MilSpec requirements.

With in-house machining capabilities and secondary fabrication options, you can be sure that your needs for nearly any silicone gasket or insulation product can be met at American Gasket & Die Co., Inc.  Whether you are looking for a die cut solid silicone gasket or a sponge gasket with oven cured adhesive applications, American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. can meet your needs for quality, cost, and production scheduling.