What is Kiss Cutting?

Kiss cut gasket sample

3M Tape Kiss Cut Gasket Oriented on Release Liner

Kiss cut gasket sheet

Kiss Cut Gap Filler Grid on Release Liner

Kiss cutting is a manufacturing process that utilizes a die cutting machine to produce gaskets or pads on a self-adhesive liner. The die is calibrated to cut through the top layer of gasket or pad material without penetrating the pressure sensitive lining material. Kiss cutting is an ideal process for the production of gaskets or seals that are used frequently in your production process. The kiss cut gaskets, seals, or pads can be rolled up on a self-adhesive liner for convenient dispensing or storage.

In some cases an adhesive backed seal or gasket may be kiss cut on a precision die cut substrate. This process allows for alignment positioning using hi tack/lo tack adhesive for easy release of the product from the substrate. A beneficial option for applications such as vacuum chucks, manifolds or for component handling. For time saving assemblies, a double-sided foam tape or gasket may also have precision aligned kiss cut or multiple kiss cuts on a single release liner or substrate for positioning an exact target.

Kiss Cutting from American Gasket & Die Co., Inc.

American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. can provide a full range of products using Kiss Cutting technology, from Aerospace seals to gaskets for OEM production. Our precision die cutting equipment and machining experience can produce custom gaskets on sheets or rolls of self-adhesive lining material. In order to ensure the success of your kiss cutting project, we can certainly assist you in making the best gasket material selection.

Please contact us for more information about our custom kiss cutting capabilities.