Custom Gaskets

Custom gasket sample

Tin Plated Copper Foil in Fire Retardant Lexan Insulation

Custom gasket with vents

Quality EMI RFI Ventilation Panels made with premium materials

Custom Gaskets are our specialty at American Gasket & Die Co., Inc. Each order we process has been created to meet the exact performance needs and specifications outlined. To best serve the needs of customers in a wide range of industries, we have developed the comprehensive engineering and machining capabilities to ensure the success of every custom gasket we create. We are proud to offer gaskets that can be custom manufactured from a wide variety of materials to suit even the most demanding application requirements. From distinct shapes and sizes to a variety of laminations, die cuts, finishes, and assemblies, American Gasket & Die Co. Inc., will manufacture your custom gaskets with precision.

Shapes & Sizes for Custom Gaskets

At American Gasket & Die, we have the precision equipment and skilled staff to accommodate just about any custom dimension you need for your gaskets and insulation products. Our in-house die and machine shop provide the flexibility needed for making cost-effective custom gaskets in a variety of shapes and sizes. With custom tooling and leading edge technology, our experienced machinists can manufacture even the most intricate custom gasket within the tight tolerances our customers expect. 

Laminations & Encapsulation for Custom Gaskets

Over the years, American Gasket & Die has produced a diverse mix of custom gaskets with specialty laminations. Whether you are looking for a custom case insert for display purposes or maybe a custom insulation panel, we can provide the lamination materials and services to make your project a success. We have even built encapsulated die cut copper products for sensitive semiconductor applications.

Materials for Custom Gaskets

Custom gaskets from American Gasket & Die can be developed from a variety of materials ranging from foams and rubbers to fibers and metals. If you are unsure which material would best serve your needs, we would be happy to work with you in developing a solution. We can also cross reference discontinued material so you will have an acceptable substitute. Contact Us to get started.


For those situations where a custom gasket or filter assembly is required, American Gasket & Die has the capability and capacity to provide both the component fabrication and assembly for your company.